Postgraduate Student of the Year Awards 2019

Keele Business School recently hosted this year’s ‘Postgraduate Student Consultant of the Year Awards’ where we celebrated the achievements of some of our postgraduate students who have been undertaking work placements with local organisations.

The awards mark the end of these short-term placements where students have the opportunity to work on a real, relevant, University agreed project for a local organisation. The consultancy project pathway is an alternative option to writing a dissertation.

Three student finalists presented to an invited audience of businesses and Keele colleagues, an overview of their projects and the impact their work has had on their host organisation. This year’s award went to Piravin Selvathiraviyam, a student on the MA in Hurman Resource Management, who secured his placement with KMF Precision Engineering. His project focused on increasing staff engagement through building upon the existing communication cascades by implementing a localised communication structure based upon the SQCD (safety, quality, cost, delivery) principles. The project required him to identify relevant data presentation of information to facilitate the discussions that will help the business to clearly understand the problems and identify / implement the solutions.

The two runners up where Dan Neeley, MSc International Business and Ri Farnell, MSc Accounting and Financial Management. Dan, was placed with on a project with My Clever Hub, who are an entrepreneur incubator and accelerator programme. They required a placement student who could help advise on the recruitment and selection process for entrepreneurs and methods to remove the barriers to entrepreneurial innovation in the Stoke on Trent area.

Ri, has been working with QPS printers who were looking to build on recent successes of blog articles in relation to niche services the company offers. They wanted to convert more enquiries in to sales due to difficulties in sourcing and manufacturing materials to print on. Her project focused on removing the barriers to this and investigating other potential growth areas.

Professor Kurt Allman, Director of Keele Business School commented “The awards ceremony celebrates the success of our students, regional businesses and our academics’ engagement with our Master’s research projects. As usual, we had some fantastic presentations by students that showed some great insight and hard work, resulting in some truly innovative outcomes for the organisations.”

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