KBS students working in virtual teams with students in Germany

Final year Keele Business School students taking the Comparative Business Cultures module have been working in virtual teams on a ‘Blended Learning International Cooperation’ (BLIC) cultural analysis consulting project during semester one with students at Keele University’s German partner university DHBW Villingen-Schwenningen.

The German students were the ‘clients’ on the project who produced a business plan as part of their studies and have identified a country for market entry for their business. Our students acted as the ‘consultants’ who generated a cultural analysis in response to the German students’ business plan, to inform the client of the potential consequences they might expect to face in entering the market and setting up in their chosen country. Partner institutions in Prague, Czech Republic and Reykjavik, Iceland have produced separate marketing and economic analysis for the German clients.

As part of the projects our students have wrangled with the demands of cross-cultural and virtual team working, the use of video conferencing and other communication technology, and the demands of producing a business report as consultants to their clients. All competencies demanded in the modern work of work.

Last week a group assessment took place as the Keele students presented their project work in the form of posters which reflect on their experiences of working on this joint project including identifying and analysing cultural issues that arose during the virtual teamwork consulting exercise and how their team dealt (or failed to deal) with issues that arose during the exercise.

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