Spotlight on Dr Colin Rigby

I am Senior Lecturer in Management and lead on the knowledge exchange for Keele Business School. I hold degrees from UMIST (BSc) in Physics, Manchester (MSc, MPhil) in Engineering and a PhD from Keele University in Manufacturing Systems. My main research interests are in knowledge modelling and how it applies to management theory and practice, along with critical approaches to entrepreneurship and practical methodologies for applied research. I have published in a number of international journals including International Journal of Production Economics. My funded applied work and consulting have been in the areas of strategic development, sustainability, operational strategy and social inclusion. In my teaching, I have long given up on textbooks and written case studies in favour of focussing on real projects with real companies, charities and public agencies.

I take every opportunity to bring practice into the curriculum and bring theory into practice, teaching my students to be creatively confident problem solvers and providing opportunities for students to apply their theoretical learning in real company projects in a supportive environment. I have also been the principle academic support for the Keele Research and Innovation Support Programme (KRISP), directly supervising over 80 projects for SME’s in our local area covering a wide range of projects from the theoretical framing of new ideas to the deeply practical solutions necessary for growth. I always welcome enquiries from students looking to start their own enterprises or business looking for opportunities of knowledge exchange with the university through short project interventions such as KRISP or longer, richer projects such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) to improve business performance or competitive edge.

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