Staff Computing

Using the Computer Network (Staff)

Computers used on the wired network in staff offices have to be registered on the network. 

To register the computer on the network you will need to contact the IT Service Desk and tell them:

  • the network socket number on the wall
  • the building you are connecting in and
  • the Mac address of your computer's network card.

You will need to send us these details at least 48 working hours before you need to use the computer on the network.



How to find your mac address in Windows

Press Windows and R on your keyboard, then type 


in the run box. Then type


at the command prompt and press Enter on your keyboard. The mac address is the physical address under Ethernet adaptor Local Area Connection.

OS X- Find your MAC Address- Step 1

Click on the Apple icon -> System Preferences and then Network.

In Network, click on your Ethernet card on the left and then Advanced at the bottom right.

OS X- Find your MAC address- Step 2

Click on the Hardware tab. Send us the MAC address. 

Finding PC Model Numbers

When logging requests with the IT Service Desk, the advisors will often ask for additional information to help identify the computer to assist the service. Identifying a computer is done using the manufacturer, model number, and a unique identifier, often in the form of a serial number or tag number.

Click on the manufacturer below to view more detailed information and examples. 


HP use a sticker containing both the model and serial number to identify their machines. It is often found on the top of the case - Typical example below.

HP Serial Number


Dell use a service tag to uniquely identify machines, it is most commonly found on the top right of the base unit; alphanumeric and seven-digits in length. The model number can be found adjacent to the power button.

Dell 980 image, front. Dell 980 image, top.


The RM model number and and serial number can be found on silver label on the right-hand side towards the back of the base unit.

RM photo, side.


The viglen serial number model can be found on a single sticker on the back of the case where the cables plug in.

Viglen serial number.