File Storage

Keele IT provides a personal filestore to store work files and documents. The Filestore is secure, backed up and can be accessed on campus via university PCs or Wi-Fi (eduroam)

We recommend saving documents in your Homes (S:) Drive when using computers on campus. That way you can access them later from any lab on campus or the Wi-Fi.

Please do not save documents on your computer's Local (C:) Drive. If you do this your files will only be accessible when you are logged in to the same physical machine and be permanently deleted when routine configuration changes are made.

Connecting to your S: Drive

Select your operating system below for instructions on setting up wireless access to your S: Drive

Drive Quota

You can request additional quota on your drive by contacting the IT Service Desk or using the Self Service portal.

File Recovery

If you have accidentally delete a file/folder stored on your S: Drive you can contact the IT Service Desk to request the file/folder restored from the backup archive.

You will need to provide the filename and folder name the file(s) were located.