ISTM resources and activities for members

ISTM Visiting Speakers and Seminar Series

ISTM runs a number of open seminars throughout the course of the academic year.  Some seminars feature invited external speakers, while others are provided by internal staff and post graduate research students.  All seminars are open to staff, Post Graduate Research students and Post Graduate Taught students.

Ed_Chadwick_lecture_26Jan2017_SUNP0383_crop_ac_250x250 ISTM Visiting Seminar Speakers
Invited external speakers from other universities and institutions give occasional guest seminars on their areas of expertise, usually in collaboration with Keele's researchers.
Current programme: Please click here to view.
Last seminar: Monday 30th August 2017, 13.00 pm: Professor Murray Brunt‌, GHRC, on "Breast cancer radiotherapy trials"

All staff and students are welcome.

ISTM Department/MSc Seminar Series
These seminars are organised by Theme Leads and held on Wednsday lunchtimes in GHRC, covering a range of topics.  The speakers are drawn from ISTM's members and collaborating institutions. All MSc students attend.
Current programme: ISTM Department Seminars 2017-18. 
If you have any questions, please contact Miss Suzanne Murray.

ISTM Cancer Seminar Series
A specialised series in GHRC focussing on cancer, held for students and staff in the late afternoon with tea, coffee and snacks provided.
Current programme: will be released for this series shortly.
For more details please contact Emily Crowley.

ISTM Lunchtime Protocol Series
This is a student led series in GHRC which provides existing post graduate reserach students with the opportunity to give seminars about their research projects.
Current programme: will be released for this series shortly.  
If you have any questions, please contact Professor Ying Yang.

ISTM/School of Life Sciences: Cell & Molecular Medicine Seminar Series
These seminars are given by invited external speakers from other universities and institutions as well as internal staff and focus on topics specific to cell and mollecular medicine.
Current programme: will be released for this series shortly.
If you have any questions, please contact Dr Mirna Mourtada-Maarabouni.

ISTM/School of Life Sciences: Neuroscience Group 'Brains for Breakfast' Seminar Series
These seminars are provided by both staff and students from across ISTM and the School of Life Sciences. Held in the Huxley Building, the focus of these seminars is specific to neuroscience.
Current programme: will be released for this series shortly.
If you have any questions, please contact Professor Divya Chari.

ISTM Research Theme Seminars

Each ISTM research theme offers a range of occasional seminars. Future events include:

Healthcare Technologies theme seminars
Wednesday 16th August 2017: a presentation by Prof Melissa Mather at 3.30pm in the Guy Hilton seminar room on her work, entitled "Shining light on defective diamonds to probe transmembrane proteins and cellular processes". Refreshments will be available. In addition to her talk, Mel will aslo offer interested attendees a visit to her laboratories to see the facilities available. If you have any questions, or if you would like to attend the seminar, please email the organiser Dr Sarah Hart so that we can cater appropriately. 
Regenerative Medicine theme WebEx Forum

Next WebEx Forum takes place on:

Friday 30 June 2017 from 12-1pm:
  • Matt Dunn "Designing and optimising a functional in vitro basal ganglia neural model" 
  • Ajile Elttayef "Generation of Pseudoislets on different coating substrates for better treatment of diabetes"
Watch these presentations at:
  • Guy Hilton Research Centre: Seminar Room (Local contacts: Gemma Turner & Nicola Foster) 
  • Keele University Campus: Room 003, Huxley Building (Local contact: Yolanda Gálvez)  
  • The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry: TORCH Seminar Room (Local contacts: Jessica Sykes & Timothy Hopkins) 
All welcome, please contact the organisor Gemma Turner ( or 01782 674389 Tues & Thurs) with any questions.

ISTM Health & Safety

ISTM health and safety procedures can be accessed at ISTM Health & Safety Documents


Central Research Support

Research support in ISTM works closely with the central Research Support team based in Directorate and Engagement and Partnerships in IC2 Building on Keele campus.  The team’s main functions cover:
  • Research Grants and Contracts
  • Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • Research Governance and Ethics

A range of support and training links can be found on the Research Support page.

Research Governance and Good Practice

Keele's Research Governance Toolkit provides key information and guidance for researchers wishing to undertake research that involves human subjects, their data or bodily material, animals or sensitive types of desk based research.  The following three documents are particularly important for researchers to be aware of:

Code of Good Research Practice                   

Research Governance Information Leaflet   

Research Misconduct Procedure    

Research Institute committees

The Research Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine is managed by its

  • Executive Management Committee chaired by the Institute Director (follow the link for terms of reference and membership).
  • Research Committee chaired by the Research Institute Manager (follow the link for terms of reference and membership).

Its laboratories at Hartshill are managed by the joint Keele/UHNM

Research in campus-based labs is managed through regular meetings led by Associate Director Prof Anand Pandyan and standing items on the agenda of site-specific committees in the

Keele Publications Database

Books The Keele Publications Database automatically updates those publications shown on staff profile pages, according to the preferences set. It also provides all the data used for preparing for REF2014, and connects to the Keele Publications Repository to enable easy downloading of many publications by readers.

To approve new publications, make changes to settings and set up connections to the Repository for individual outputs, internal Keele users should log on at: 

Keele Research Support, Directorate of Engagement and Partnerships, pages give details on how to use the Publications Database and Publications Repository.

Research Excellence Framework

REF2014 small logo white on blue 116x28 Keele has a series of webpages on the Research Excellence Framework (for internal Keele users only) including the University's Code of Practice in REF2014. Follow the links to find all the HEFCE guidance documents. New documents for the next REF will be posted as soon as they are available.

In preparation for the next REF ISTM is running a series of workshops , for both Early Career and established members, on research impact and REF2020.

Results of REF2014 were published on 18 December 2014 and can be accessed, together with all Keele's submissions, from the HEFCE REF website

ISTM Research Training (PhD, MPhil, DM)

ISTM Research Training documents for students, supervisors and advisors can be accessed at Student Training Documents.

Research Funding opportunities

Research Professional Logo 2015 version


Keele staff have access to the subscriber service provided by Research Professional.  This offers funding opportunity notifications that can be tailored to individuals' needs and a comprehensive daily research policy news service. Contact RI Manager Mark Smith or Keele Research Support, Directorate of Engagement and Partnerships, for details and user guide.

Research Institute Fellowships

ISTM invites RI Fellowship applications every year from full members with academic teaching and research contracts, through the central Keele scheme. The annual criteria are circulated to members each November, the deadline is 31 January, and results are notified by the end of March.  Details and application form are available at the Keele RI Fellowship Scheme pages.

Keele ACORN studentships

ACORN_wikivoc_free_image_180x180 Keele ACORN funding has been in place since 2007 and is designed to increase quality and quantity of postgraduate research students by encouraging RIs to generate external funded PGR studentships.  Across Keele as a whole, ACORN provides support for almost 100 PGR students.  ACORN provides a contribution to the cost of a typical stipend and fees, provided that the remainder is sourced elsewhere, including Research Council training account allocations, external grants, commercial sponsorship and self-funded students.  Applications are always made by the prospective supervisor, with a named student candidate.  

All ISTM PGR student support is allocated through an annual competition, called in December and with a closing date in early March. Outcomes are announced in mid April. For full details please contact PG Director Prof Paul Horrocks or PG Administrator Miss Zara Richards.

For a list of ISTM's student projects supported by ACORN awards please see: