Self-matching with Keele Internships

Self-matching is all about giving you the opportunity to find your own internship.

With £1,500 of funding available to support employers of recent Keele graduates (2012, 2013 or 2014) for the first 12 weeks, you should be able to open a few doors.

Promote yourself using our Self-Matching Flyer

Follow these simple steps to success:

Step 1: Find an employer you would like to work for and check they are eligible

Businesses, charities and organisations with 250 employees or less, a turnover of less than £50m and a UK address are eligible for the Santander Internships scheme. If you are unsure about eligibility, contact the Internships team.

Research local companies that specialise in your degree area and think about the impact you could make. Stuck for ideas, contact the Internships team – we are here to help.

Step 2: Prepare your pitch and get writing

Think about how you can sell your strengths.

Students and graduates have skills in many different areas and will be able to contribute to companies in a variety of ways.

Whether you draw from your specialist knowledge or from specific projects you’ve worked on, remember to highlight what you can offer.

Try to spot new areas and strategies that you could introduce to the business – stand out from the crowd!

Read through our CV and covering letters advice to get the most out of your pitch. 

Step 3: Get in touch with the employer and tell them all about this offer

If the employer takes you on, they may be eligible to receive £1,500 worth of funding to help toward your wages for 10 weeks.

Forward the Self-Matching Flyer to the employer along with a CV, and a targeted covering letter describing what you can bring to the business.

Step 4: Get in touch with us!

If you have any questions about how self-matching works, get in touch with us and make sure you understand the offer before you approach the employer.

Ask the company to contact us in order to confirm the funding and get the ball rolling.

We have to confirm company eligibility and sort out the paperwork required for the funding before your start date. It’s important to keep us in the loop.

Funding is provided by Santander Universities

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