What are the benefits of carrying out an internship?

Carrying out an internship will provide you with some paid graduate level work experience,  allowing you to apply the knowledge learnt as part of your degree in a real work situation.  It will enable you to develop identified work related skills, help you to learn the disciplines, routines and relationships within a workplace, give you an understanding of business and customer needs and enhance your career knowledge.  For many graduates it is an excellent way to enter a chosen career.

How much will I get paid?

Employers will pay a minimum of £8 per hour (for all internships advertised from November 2014) .  Some employers do pay more than this.  Quite often, the pay is reviewable after an initial period.  The idea of the internship is to give both you and the company a trial period of employment.  In our experience, employers are more likely to review the pay once they have seen some tangible results and are happy with your performance.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • You need to be a recent graduate of a UK university (graduating in either 2013, 2014 or be expecting to graduate in 2015). This can be from either an undergraduate or postgraduate course.
  • You must have full right to work in the UK. On behalf of the employers we may on occasion ask to see proof of your eligibility to work in the UK. 
  • Due to funding requirements, some roles are open to Keele graduates only - this is specified on each individual advert. 

What type of internships are available?

Employers can advertise any internship with us which may include Marketing, Business Development, Environmental Management, IT or Science.

Internships last anything up to 12 months, but typically at least 3 months.  Employers can choose to extend the internship or offer a permanent role, but this is not guaranteed.  We aim to give realistic expectations given to us by the employers concerned.

How do I get involved?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, take a look at our available internships and see if anything appeals to you. 

Please e-mail the following to internships@keele.ac.uk (make sure you include the title of the Internship in your email ):

  1. Completed Keele Internships Application Form  (please download, complete, save and attach to your e-mail).
  2. Your most recent CV. Important - make sure you see a Careers Adviser if you need some help with your CV
  3. Your targeted covering letter for one of the internships below stating your reasons for applying.

* If you don't see an Internship that appeals to you right now, you can send in a completed Graduate Application Form and your CV so that you can be considered for anything coming up, but it is important to keep checking back and send in a covering letter when you do see ones that interest you.

You can apply for more than one internship, but with each one you should submit a different covering letter. 

IMPORTANT - By submitting your application to us you are agreeing to us forwarding your details to relevant companies offering internships.

TOP TIP: make sure to apply early as internship details will be removed as they are filled.


What happens after I have submitted my application?

We will acknowledge your application, usually within a couple of days.  If we feel you are suitable to be considered for interview we will contact you for a brief chat about your interest in the role.  During this conversation you can ask us anything else you would like to know about the opportunity.  We then ask the employer to consider you for an interview and they would then be in touch directly with you to arrange an interview.  We will be letting you know the name of the company and the person dealing with the opportunity and you will be able to do some background research on the company while you wait for the employer to call you.

If we feel you are not suitable for consideration for interview we may suggest you improve your application.  Please check out our Application help pages

What happens at the end of the internship?

It does depend on many things to be honest!  About 50% of Keele internships get extended or made into permanent roles.  Sometimes though, the company only need one specific project completing, but you will still have gained very valuable skills and experience, helping you to move onto your next role!  You may be eligible to apply for another internship, so please contact us to find out more internships@keele.ac.uk

Can I do a second internship on your scheme?

Yes, it might be possible, just give us a call on 01782 733403 or email internships@keele.ac.uk

Do I have to apply for a specific internship?

You can send in your completed Keele Internships Application Form and CV, but it is better to apply for one that specifically interests you.  If you check back regularly, hopefully you will see one or two that will interest you, at which point you should also send in your covering letter to us.