Information Security Training

It is important that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills to enable them to play their part in protecting University Information and that is why the University has mandated the annual completion of the Information Security training module. Therefore you must complete the Information Security training annually. Failure to do so may result in your access to key IT system being removed until you have completed the training.

Each year the training will be updated to reflect key areas of importance regarding data protection and information security based on local training analysis, the reporting of incidents and national trends including changes to legislation.

Existing staff members, PGRs and new starters - If you have never completed any Information Security training you are required to complete the Information Security Foundation module

Existing Staff members and PGRs - The Information Security training is compulsory for all staff and PGRs. The mandatory training is made up of the following modules:

Information Security: Foundation 

Module 1 - Information Security: Phishing

Further modules will be released in due course. Colleagues are required to complete the Information Security: Foundation training as soon as possible after starting work at the University, and will then be required to complete further modules on an annual basis. 


Did you know?...In the event of a serious breach the Information Commissioner’s Office could fine the University up to a maximum of £17M or 4% of our global income, and individuals can be fined as well. The University therefore needs to ensure that its information, including personal information about students and staff, is protected. Effective information security is a team effort that requires the support and participation of everyone who works for the University. 

How to access the training


2)        Enter your IT credentials and authentication details when requested

3)        Click on the course search icon (looks like a magnifying glass) top right hand side of your screen 

4)        Enter Information Security and hit <Enter>

5)        Select the training module relevant to your situation

If you encounter any problems please contact Organisational Development.

Contact details and further information:

Organisational Development Team

t: 01782 733007


How to access the monitoring reports

Monitoring reports are available in Qlikview to provide authorised staff access to information about their Faculty/School or Directorate/Department. The reports provides detailed information over a number of tabs:

1) Introduction - gives brief information about the reports and how to use them

2) Non Participants - provides the name sof those staff members, including PGRs, who have not completed any Information Security Training and therefore needs to complete the Foundation module as soon as possible

3) Non Participants within 3 months of start date - this is a subset of the previous report in that it only shows the names of new starters who have not yet completed the Foundation module. They should complete the training as soon as  possible

4) Exceeded renewal period - These are staff who have completed the Foundation training but have not completed the Refresher training as they have exceeded their renewal period. They need to complete the Refresher module(s) as soon as they can

5) Expiring in the next 3 months - This report helps you to proactively monitor training uptake. As these staff will need to complete the Refresher modiule(s) soon i.e. in th enext 3 months. You can start reminding them of this responsibility

6) Refresher Module Completion - Does what it says on the tim, these are the people who have completed part, if not all of the Refresher training. If they have only completed or two of the Refresher modules they will not be compliant and therefore need to complete the modules once they are available. This report allows you to monitor this and proactively remond staff to complete all refresher modules.

 The Qlikview reports can be accessed at:

If you would like access to the Qlikview reports, please raise a call on the IT Service Desk: