Learning through Listening: Creating open spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue

19 March 2018 10.00am - 4.00pm Keele Hall - The Salvin Room
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This one-day workshop explores pedagogies of listening and one-to-one communication, and the urgent need for the development of listening skills and the creation of spaces and environments for interdisciplinary and inter-cultural dialogue within higher education, in order to work toward a more sustainable society and future. The workshop draws on the resources and experiences of a HEFCE Catalyst funded teaching innovation project ‘Unmaking Single Perspectives: a Listening Project’ at Keele University.

We can find many examples which demonstrate our lack of willingness to listen to others with different perspectives to our own, but also examples of when listening has led to the avoidance of conflict and to greater understanding. Achieving a more sustainable and just society requires us to hear the voices of those with perspectives different to ourselves, and to work effectively in new partnerships, as reflected in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Yet, in the majority of disciplines in higher education, there is an implicit assumption that ‘communication skills’ means speaking, with a focus on developing skills in presenting to large audiences, or debating and ‘winning’ arguments. Other than within professional practice courses there is rarely much acknowledgement of the need for the development of skills relating to one-to-one communication and understanding of others’ perspectives, despite the crucial role this plays in our personal and professional lives.

This immersive workshop will be of interest to anyone interested in the pedagogies of listening and communication, interdisciplinarity and education for sustainable development. The workshop will explore the creation of spaces and environments for listening within higher or further education and the application of these approaches to an education system tailored to supporting a more sustainable future; and it will introduce resources, activities and techniques conducive to open dialogue and active listening among students from different disciplines that can be adapted to your own context and practice.

19th March - Keele Hall, Salvin Room 10-4pm
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18 April - London South Bank University 10-4pm
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23 April – Edinburgh University 10-4pm
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