ILAS Interdisciplinary Stimulus Award

To encourage and support the development of new ideas and initiatives that cross disciplinary boundaries, the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences is launching an Interdisciplinary Stimulus Fund. This is a new opportunity for academics to apply for an Interdisciplinary Stimulus Award (ISA) to support a range of interdisciplinary activities including research, scholarship, learning and teaching, dissemination, enterprise and outreach. The maximum award for any one application is £500 and it is intended that the funding will be awarded to support small scale activities which contribute to the Institute’s mission and where initial support can help to stimulate and foster more ambitious projects.

Full guidance and application details are available in the sections below.

Our next round of applications will be announced shortly.

The Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences promotes interdisciplinarity for all staff and students across the University. It is widely recognised that interdisciplinary work requires more time and resources and that support should be focused on removing disincentives and barriers, for example those presented by disciplinary focused structures. Cross cutting funding mechanisms may be needed to encourage interdisciplinary activity and small investments may help to enable and foster innovative projects.

The Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences currently offers two funding schemes; the ILAS Visiting Fellowship Scheme and Seedcorn Funded ID Research workshops with the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise. In addition, this new ILAS Interdisciplinary Stimulus Award aims to support a wider range of interdisciplinary activities including research, scholarship, learning and teaching, dissemination, enterprise and outreach.

These could include, for example:

  • Development of new teaching and learning approaches which break down barriers between traditional disciplines, for example, the new materials/collaborations between students of different disciplines or the development of interdisciplinary projects for UG students
  • Coordinating/hosting an ID workshop, sandpit, research conversation, seminar or lecture
  • Developing/establishing an ID network
  • Conference attendance to disseminate and publicise interdisciplinary research and innovative teaching and learning
  • Short term Research Visits or field trips

In addition, the funding could contribute to a larger project where the profile of the Institute as a fulcrum and a symbol of interdisciplinary activity at Keele will be strengthened and promoted.

The ILAS Interdisciplinary Stimulus Award Guidance document can be downloaded here: ID Stiumulus Award Guidance

We invite applications from academic staff to support interdisciplinary activities that contribute to the Institute’s mission. There will a small amount of money available (£500 maximum per application) and applications will be considered on their individual merits and competitively against other applications received at the respective deadlines. We are keen to use the funding creatively and applicants are invited to make a case for funding support which should include

  • An outline of the proposed work/activity, drawing out it’s interdisciplinary features
  • Why the proposed work/activity is important /innovative and how it contributes to the ILAS mission to stimulate and nurture interdisciplinarity at Keele
  • Whilst we recognise that some proposed activities are necessarily at an exploratory stage you should indicate your ambitions, what you are hoping to achieve, the potential impacts of the activity and possible next steps.
  • Why this funding stream is essential (for example because other Faculty or Research Institute funding is not available)

The Interdisciplinary Stimulus Award application form can be downloaded here: ID Stiumulus Award Application Form

Applications will be reviewed regularly (see website for dates) by a working group with members drawn from the ILAS Steering Group. Chair’s Action will be taken if applications need urgent consideration.

When applications are considered for funding, the following grading system may be used

6 Outstanding: Very likely to contribute to highly innovative outputs, impact, and environment. Definitely value for money. Priority for funding.
5 Excellent: Likely to contribute to innovative outputs, impact or environment. Value for money. Fundable if budget/competition allows, but not the highest priority.
4 Good: Likely to contribute to outputs, impact or environment. Value for money. Fundable, if budget/competition allows.
3 Satisfactory: Seems value for money. May contribute to outputs, impact or environment. Low priority for funding.
2 More information needed: Not clear that it will contribute to outputs, impact or environment. Not clear that it will be value for money. Not fundable at this time.
1 Case not proven: Not fundable.

ILAS support for the activity will be agreed with the ILAS Manager and all materials associated with the activity must include the ILAS logo and acknowledgement of ILAS support and funding. Once the activity is complete the lead applicant will be expected to produce a short report and/or provide a short presentation at an ILAS event.