Dr Simon Powers

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Dr Simon Powers

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Dr James Borg

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Professor Fiona Polack

A socio-technical systems approach to balancing energy consumption on smart energy networks

Dr Simon Powers from the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University will be undertaking his fellowship here from June to September 2019. During his visit he will be hosted by his academic hosts Dr James Borg and Professor Fiona Polack from the School of Computing and Mathematics and the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Dr Simon Powers is interested in computational social, political, and economic science. His research brings together tools from computer science alongside an algorithmic viewpoint to tackle key questions in these disciplines; for example, can human values such as justice and fairness be formalised computationally? Can doing so help to build AI systems that interact with humans in a more meaningful way? How can we use AI to help a group work together to avoid overexploiting their resources and falling prey to the Tragedy of the Commons, for example through smart energy management? His current research investigates the links between institutions, computer science, and multi-agent systems and he is applying his work in a number of areas including smart grids, community energy systems, and cloud computing.

In his time at Keele, the project team will be working on their joint proposal; A socio-technical systems approach to balancing energy consumption on smart energy networks. The focus here is to develop and test load balancing algorithms which take into account the need to balance energy needs efficiently whilst at the same time, doing so in ways that are perceived as fair across a diverse community of energy users. The team will use the expertise and infrastructure of the Keele Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) project to test their algorithms.

The project demands an integrated interdisciplinary approach and the team are keen to engage widely with colleagues across the university around these questions.

If you would like to know more about the plans for Dr Powell’s fellowship and would like to meet him during his visit to Keele, please contact Jo Flynn.