Aimi Syahidah Zulkipli

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Aimi Syahidah Zulkipli

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Dr Lisa Dikomitis

Cerebal Palsy Health and Wellbeing: Access to rehabilitation services

Aimi Syahidah Zulkipli from Universiti Sains Malaysia Penang, will be undertaking her fellowship here from May to July 2019. In her time at Keele she will be hosted by the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences and working with Dr Lisa Dikomitis from the Keele School of Medicine and the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences.

Aimi works in the department of speech pathology at USM and is also a visiting lecturer at International Islamic University Malaysia. Her teaching and research interests include; speech sound disorders, resonance disorders, fluency disorders, evidence-based practice in communication disorders, phonetic and phonology and hearing impairment.

Aimi is researching access to healthcare services for cerebral palsy children in rural areas and has identified a range of barriers to access including language and culture. During her fellowship Aimi will focus on learning more about access to healthcare services, particularly rehabilitation services, with Keele colleagues in the local context.

Aimi and Lisa are keen to engage widely with colleagues and students across the university. If you are interested in learning more about the project or would like to meet Aimi during her visit, please contact Jo Flynn, ILAS Manager.