Professor Melody Chao

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Professor Melody Chao will be visiting Keele from the Department of Management, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and will be hosted by Dr Masi Noor in the School of Psychology.

Professor Melody Chao is Associate Professor of Management in the Department of Management at HKUST Business School. Her research interests include Globalization; Multicultural psychology; Group processes and intergroup relations Negotiation; Conflict Management; Ethics; Creativity; Cultural adjustment.

During her visits in June 2018 and January 2019, Professor Chao and Dr Noor will be working on a project entitled Building multicultural competence: The role of trust perceptions and implicit culture beliefs in bridging cultural divides.

With advances in technology, people from different cultural backgrounds have become increasingly interconnected across the globe. Along with the opportunities that this connectedness presents, there are also challenges for individuals working across a range of different fields and contexts. Here researchers and practitioners recognise the importance of multicultural competence, that is, the ability to function and work efficiently in culturally diverse settings.

Building on ongoing work by Melody Chao and Masi Noor, the focus of the fellowship project is to understand more about the role trust perceptions and implicit culture beliefs play in bridging cultural divides, and in enhancing multicultural competence.

The proposed research suggests that whilst trust perceptions and implicit culture beliefs are important in enhancing multicultural competence, the concept of “trust” remains elusive and little is known about what “trust” really involves. What does it mean when someone “trusts” another person? What are the specific strategies people employ to build such intangible capital as “trust”? Here the intention is to uncover how “trust” might be construed differently by individuals in intercultural contexts, and the implications of this.

Given the importance of multicultural competence across a diverse range of contexts, the planned work aims to contribute not only to psychology and management, but also to other disciplines in health, humanities, and political science.

If you would like to know more about the plans for Professor Melody Chao’s fellowship, or would like to meet her during her visits to Keele, please contact Jo Flynn.