Professor Cinzia Cervato

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E-gaming and sustainability education at Keele University: a learning, teaching, and research opportunity

Professor Cinzia Cervato will be visiting Keele from Iowa State University USA from January-April 2019. During her time here she will be establishing a collaboration with Keele’s Director of Education for Sustainability, Professor Zoe Robinson  from the School of Geography, Geology and the Environment and Dr Jamie Pringle of the School of Chemical and Physical sciences whose research interests include e-gaming applications for the geosciences.

Morrill Professor Cinzia Cervato’s research interests lie in Earth Systems Science education, data management, geoarcheology, the evolution of marine plankton, stable isotope geochemistry, geochronology, biostratigraphy and carbonate sedimentology. Her Earth Systems Science education research focuses on learning and on the application of modern multimedia technology to enhance learning in large introductory classes.

The focus of the fellowship is to learn about e-gaming as a learning technology and potential research field for geoscience and sustainability education. Digital technology is increasingly used in the geosciences to understand complex, 4D problems. The advantage of these virtual environments is that they can expose students to natural hazards without the risks and logistical , challenges associated with real-world field trips. The challenge for researchers in this area is the rate at which technology is evolving and the difficulty this poses for the educational applications in attempting to keep apace. Whilst educational e-gaming literature has focused on medical procedures, engineering, and forensic investigations, very little has been done in the geosciences or sustainability education.

If you would like to know more about the plans for Professor Cinzia Cervato’s fellowship or would like to meet her during her visit to Keele, please contact Jo Flynn.