Anna MacDonald

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Anna MacDonald will join us at Keele from Manchester Metropolitan University and will be hosted by Dr Ceri Morgan senior lecturer in the School of Humanities.

Anna MacDonald is an artist scholar and teacher from the UK whose practice as research takes the form of performance for screen, contemporary performance and experimental dance and is exhibited internationally in galleries and festivals. She specialises in working directly with the public, finding ways to intensify and articulate people’s experiences in ways that can be understood by others. She is a senior lecturer in Dance at Manchester Metropolitan University specialising in teaching screendance, devising and performer training/somatic movement.

In her time at Keele, Anna Macdonald and Dr Ceri Morgan will be working on a project entitled Stumbling in the City. The project brings together Ceri’s expertise in ‘walking studies’ and geopoetics and Anna’s site-based dance/film practices that use the act of walking, to explore the relationship of the body to space, place and time. The focus here is to use a range of creative practices to develop a new methodology to stimulate interdisciplinary research into non-normative walking, health, dis/ability, and poverty in the local region. The intention is to co-generate a screendance with the participants focused on walking, not progressing, chronic pain and the instability of the ‘able’ body.

There has been a growing interest in walking in urban and cultural geography, literary and cultural studies and visual and performing arts, however, this research does not usually acknowledge the fact that as, Sue Porter highlights, ‘there are other ways to walk than on one’s feet’. This project picks up the notion of stumbling to think about non-normative walking in a region which, despite experiencing a cultural regeneration in recent years, has itself been seen as ‘stumbling’ amongst the ‘ruins’ of deindustrialisation and economic hardship.

Anna Macdonald will be visiting Keele in November2018, January and February 2019. If you would like to know more about Anna’s fellowship or meet her during her visits here, please contact Jo Flynn.