Professor Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith 180x135  Shane O'Neill 150x135 Professor Nicholas Smith visiting from Macquarie University will be hosted by Professor Shane O’Neill, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Professor Smith is Professor of Philosophy at Macquarie University. He moved there in 1997 as a lecturer in Philosophy and was the Director of Macquarie University's Centre for Research in Social Inclusion from 2003 to 2007 and Head of the Department of Philosophy from 2008 to 2012. Before this he was a Research Fellow in Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University. He has also held posts as an international research fellow at Queen's University Belfast from 2006 to 2008 and held a Mercator Gastprofessur position at Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt from October 2010 to March 2011.

Professor Smith's research interests lie in modern European Philosophy, social and political philosophy, theories of subjectivity, and religion and modernity. He has led two ARC funded projects: 'Applying the Ethics of Recognition: Work and the Social Bond' with Jean-Philippe Deranty; and 'Work and Self-Development: A Philosophical Reappraisal' with Jean-Philippe Deranty, Christophe Dejours and Emmanuel Renault.

During his visits in December 2017 – February 2018 and June 2018, Professor Smith and Professor O’Neill will be working on a project entitled 'The Fabric of Social Justice'. This will explore the concrete mechanisms which enable people to some degree to fulfil their aspirations for an autonomous and dignified life and the real material obstacles to the realisation of those legitimate aspirations that people actually face. The project will consider how the fabric is strengthened, or perhaps weakened, by the provision of a universal or unconditional basic income at the level of social justice and the removal of colonial structures of power at the level of global justice.

If you would like to know more about the plans for Professor Smith’s fellowship or would like to meet him during his visit to the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please contact Jo Flynn.