Professor Michael Somekh

Michael Somekh 180x135 Melissa Mather 97x135 Professor Michael Somekh visiting from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will be hosted by Professor Melissa Mather, Professor of Medical Imagining at the Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine in July 2017.

Professor Michael Somekh is Chair Professor of Biophotonics in the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering HKPU. He has a Masters in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Oxford and received a PhD in Microwave Electronics from the University of Lancaster.

His academic career includes posts at Oxford, University College London and the University of Nottingham, where he founded the Applied Optics Group and became Director of the Institute of Biophysics Imaging and Optical Science.

His research interests are biophotonics which has a multidisciplinary nature involving optics, electronics, biology and chemistry and he has worked widely in the field of optical and ultrasonic techniques

During his visit, Michael and Melissa will be working on developing and testing a range of light microscopy techniques which will enable scientists to observe living cells and how they function in the smallest detail and with minimal invasion and disruption to the cell processes.

Their techniques will allow scientists to probe examination tiny structures within the cells. They are particularly interested in observing protein folding, as many diseases associated with neurodegeneration, for example, Alzheimer’s Disease, are thought to arise from the misfolding of proteins which can lead to a series of events that causes cell deaths.

If you would like to know more about the plans for Professor Somekh’s visit or would like to meet Mike during his visit as an Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fellow please contact Jo Flynn.