Professor Erwu Lui

Erwu Lui 180x135 Zhong Fan 135x135 Professor Erwu Liu is visiting from Tongji University, People’s Republic of China in July - August 2018 and will be hosted by Professor Zhong Fan, Professor and Academic Director of SEND in the School of Computing and Maths.

Professor Lui is Professor in the School of Electronics and Information at Tongji University. He has experience in both industry and academia and worked for Alctel - Lucent from 2001-2007 and Imperial College from 2007 -2011.

His current research interests include Stochastic Geometry, Network Utility Maximization (NUM), Scheduling Opportunistic Resource allocation, QoS, Cognitive Networking, Cooperative Routing, Cross-Layer Optimisation in wireless networks, Complex Networks and the Internet of Things. This is a new collaboration with Professor Zhong Fan with whom he shares interests in smart energy, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT ) applications in sustainability.

During his visit, Professor Lui and Professor Fan will be working on their project titled Complex Network Model for robust Iot/IoV in Smart Cities. The increasing demands for connecting things or vehicles in smart cities challenge researchers to build and maintain a scaleable and robust network topology. This project will extend existing results on complex network study, and further consider the effects of node mobility, wireless fading/shadowing, energy depletion, deliberate attack and node/link random failure, together with the transmission/communication range limit, to enable a scalable and robust design of the network topology of the IoT/IoV in smart cities.

If you would like to know more about the plans for Professor Lui’s fellowship or would like to meet him during his visit to the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please contact Jo Flynn.