Dr Cristina Devecchi

Cristina Devecchi 180x135 Jackie Potter 135x147 Dr Cristina Devecchi, visiting from The University of Northampton will be hosted by Dr Jackie Potter, Head of Learning and Professional Development at Keele in July and September 2017.

Dr Cristina Devecchi is Associate Professor in Education at The University of Northampton. She has a background in Modern Languages and Special Educational needs and Inclusion and has a pHD in Education from the University of Oxford. She has undertaken a diverse range of roles and responsibilities in teaching and research. Cristina’s interest in inclusion is focused mainly on the deployment of human resources in schools and universities, with a particular interest in the area of knowledge management and intellectual capital.‌‌

During her visit, Cristina and Jackie will strengthen and extend their successful and established collaboration ‘Leading Change together’ funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in 2016. This work explored how HE staff manage change, experience leadership and work together to lead and effect change across academic/professional services. The Fellowship will continue to build on this, focusing on leadership development in HE and in particular interdisciplinary leadership.

If you would like to meet Dr Devecchi during her visit, or hear more about the plans for her Fellowship at the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences please contact Jo Flynn.