Dr Antu Sorainen

Antu Sorainen 180x135 Marie-AndrĂ©e Jacob 105x136 Dr Antu Sorainen visiting from the University of Helsinki will be hosted by Professor Marie-Andrée Jacob, in the School of Law.

Dr Antu Sorainen is a Finnish Academy Research Fellow n the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies at the University of Helsinki .She has conducted empirical studies in the area of queer history and kinship, and published work on law and non-normative sexualities. She is the Director of a 4-year Academy of Finland project “CoreKin – Contrasting and Re-Imagining Margins of Kinship” (2016-2020).

Dr. Sorainen’s work is mainly focused on the development of new methods to explore the ways in which researchers are using feminist and queer theory and motivations in current quantitative and qualitative empirical research across the socio-legal study field, including anthropology, sociology, economics, demography, social policy, kinship and care relations. Her work looks to provide a chance for socio-legal researchers to discuss and debate the possibilities to combine quantitative and qualitative approaches to gender and queer theory, and to learn from each other’s successes and difficulties in integrating feminist and queer issues with quantitative and qualitative methods.

During her visit Antu and Marie-Andree will be working on questions that emerged from their collaboration on the CoreKin project  and will focus on wills and inheritance in sexually marginalised groups  and contrasting and reimagining margins of kinship. The main aim is to explore the legal imaginations and conceptualisations of kinship, care and support relations used in the past and present in inheritance and family law, and to contrast divergent legislations to re-imagine novel ways in order to reroute actual, “real” care configurations to the legal sphere. Together they will explore whether, and how, these conceptual and methodological frameworks have the potential to be introduced successfully into socio-legal studies, feminist legal studies and queer legal studies in other areas concerning kinship, sexuality and gender.

If you would like to know more about Dr Antu Sorainen’s fellowship plans or would like to meet her during her visit November - December 2017 and April – May 2018, please contact Jo Flynn.