JADE Student Learning Undergraduate Conference (JSLUG)

JSLUG is an undergraduate research conference for Keele undergraduate students. This year’s event will take place on the 7th June 2018 at Keele Hall! JLSUG is completely free-of-charge and full catered!

This is brought to you by Dr. Chris Little from the Student Learning team, Keele's very own Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) and the Journal of Academic Development and Education (JADE).

You have an opportunity to research and deliver your own undergraduate conference presentation! This is a chance to pursue your own research interests without the pressure of assessment criteria, marking grids, rubrics or the pressure of having to get a particular grade!

All presenters will also get their abstracts, posters and photographs published in Keele’s JADE journal, giving you a publication to your name! You can even write up your paper to a full published journal article, published in our annual student edition of JADE. Use the section below to learn more about all things JSLUG and how you could be involved in JSLUG2018.

Why get involved?

Four reasons for you to get involved:

  1. The highest-rated verbal and poster presentation will each win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 (or equivalent value in vouchers for group presentations) to help with future research!
  2. If you write your paper up in full for the JADE journal, you will get a fully peer-reviewed journal publication to your name when you graduate from Keele.
  3. All presentations chosen for the event will have their abstracts published in a special Student Learning edition of the JADE journal detailing the conference proceedings.
  4. The event is fully catered and free of charge! Come along and get involved in a fully catered day of completely free academic discussion and debate. This is a great way to experience an academic conference right here at Keele!

What can I present?

You can write and deliver a presentation on anything. It could be a favourite essay that you have written or something that you wish you had been able to write. As long as it is well-researched, it will have a place at the JADE conference.

We accept proposals for standard oral presentations and for academic poster presentations. From 2018 onwards we will also be calling on Keele’s extensive creative community and hosting a photography gallery as part of the JSLUG conference.

Present at JSLUG

To be considered for this year’s conference, you need to submit a title and short (100 word) abstract detailing what you would like to cover in your presentation. You also need to indicate whether you want to deliver a verbal or poster presentation.

The ‘JADE Publication’ pages contains links to previous JADE publications containing all previous abstracts accepted to JSLUG. You can learn a lot about how to write an abstract through these.

All abstracts must be received by Midnight on February 23rd. To submit an abstract, you need to use your Keele university student email address, external accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) will not allow you access.

To submit your application, follow this link.

2018 will see the first ever photography gallery at JSLUG. Details of how to submit your work for consideration will be provided throughout the academic year.

Attending JSLUG

To come along to this year’s event as an enthusiastic and intelligent audience member, you simply need to leave your details on the following form and we will be in touch closer to the event.

Register to attend the 2018 JSLUG event

Got questions?

Dr. Little will be running briefing sessions at Keele Hall throughout the academic year. This year’s event will take place on the following dates:

  • 1st November 4-5pm, Keele Hall, Salvin Room
  • 6th December 4.30-5.30pm, Keele Hall, Old Library
  • 31st January 4-5pm, Keele Hall, Old Library

You can sign up to learn more about JSLUG, ask questions and see Keele Hall.

This site should have all the answers you need for all things JSLUG. If you do have questions you can also post questions on our Q&A Wall. Go to the following web address to see FAQ’s and ask your own questions.

Alternatively, contact Dr Chris Little on c.w.r.little@keele.ac.uk