Our Mission

The Impact Accelerator Unit (IAU) aims to maximise the benefits of world-leading health and care research, making an impact on the quality of life and care for patients and the public. The overarching objective is to have a positive and sustained impact on public health, health and social care, by supporting the timely movement of Keele’s Health research into practice, with a strong emphasis on primary care. The IAU works with stakeholders to create innovations, which arise from research, and offer solutions to partners’ problems.

The IAU has a leading role in closing the evidence-to-practice gap by accelerating the uptake and impact of best evidence through:

  • implementation of the best health research
  • co-creating transformation to increase the quality of care
  • development of impact case studies
  • leading multi-disciplinary evidence-based practice groups
  • designing and delivering knowledge mobilisation within research programmes
  • maintaining the patient voice as an integral part of knowledge brokering
  • securing and delivering a strong portfolio of externally funded activity
  • developing the next generation of knowledge mobilisation leaders

We have two key approaches to identifying and aligning our priorities: stakeholder-led response mode and strategic, co-created priorities.

We provide influence and support throughout the entire research cycle. We encourage researchers to think of not just the value and feasibility of their research to the NHS but the feasibility of implementing this research into practice, to support the timely translation of evidence into healthcare treatment.

The unit is part of the West Midlands Knowledge Mobilisation Collaboration. This group is a partnership between knowledge mobilisation colleagues from Keele University, Birmingham City University, Warwick University and the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) West Midlands.

The Impact Accelerator Unit maintains an active portfolio of projects with international reach and significance. The IAU portfolio currently contains projects relating to musculoskeletal health, pain, heart health and mental health. Several of our projects have been selected for recognition, awards and achievements and our publications have national and international reach.

To contact the Impact Accelerator Unit, please email health.iau@keele.ac.uk or follow us on twitter, @KeeleIAU