Support for Researchers

The Faculty provides proactive support for staff and students through a dedicated Faculty Research Office under the leadership of the Faculty Research Director.  Based in the Claus Moser Research Centre, we offer advice and support across all aspects of the research lifecycle.

Detailed support pages, including relevant forms, can be found as follows:  For staff – on the Keele Learning Environment  (look for ‘Humanities & Social Sciences Support’ under ‘My Organisations’); For students – please refer to the Current Students pages.

Strategic Support Funds

The Faculty Research Office has a dedicated Research Support Fund which is open to staff and students.  These funds can support: workshops, events, travel to conferences, unexpected research expenses, training and public engagement activities.  There is a formal application process and a number of deadlines throughout the year.  Full details are on the KLE (staff) or the PGR pages. Initial enquiries about funding should go to your School Research Director.

Support for Research Grant Applications

The Faculty has got a specialist funding officer who can help you with all aspects of applying for external funding, from the initial idea right through to institutional sign off.  Sheena Bateman will sit down with you to discuss your ideas at an early stage, offer a rigorous lay review of your draft proposal, and will manage the internal peer review process.  They will also handle the costings and deal with the institutional sign off.  In this way we hope that the bids that leave the Faculty are in the strongest position possible for funding.

There is a dedicated section on the KLE with lots of advice and practical information.

Postgraduate Research Students

Helen Farrell and Tracey Harrison support all staff and students involved in postgraduate research (please email the relevant line for Humanities enquiries, for Social Sciences, or for Professional Doctorates).  The office deals with students from the initial application right through to the final viva and beyond.  We also offer all students access to high quality office space and computing, either in an allocated office or in our high spec PGR hotdesking rooms, and dedicated funding streams to support training and development (see strategic support funds, above).

Project Finance Support

Researchers in the Faculty with active research grants are fortunate to have access to Sue Humphries who provides purchasing and financial support for all active grants.  She can provide you with advice on financial regulations, and will help you to maximise the value of your hard won funding whilst keeping in line with Funder and University financial regulations.

Sue also looks after the Keele Institute for Social Inclusion Funds, Strategic Research Support Funds and Keele Centre for Ageing Research Funds.


Events, Website, Social Media Channels and News

Tracey Wood provides support for research events and seminars, and also supports the creation of research webpages.  She looks after the social media channels informing of events and news stories from the HUMSS FRO. We have meeting and seminar rooms in the Claus Moser Research Centre that are bookable through Tracey for research events.  We also maintain an online calendar of events.

In addition, Tracey edits the News section of our Website, and so please do approach her with any good news stories relating to your research.