Institute for Social Inclusion

In 2018, Keele will be launching a major new initiative, the Institute for Social Inclusion. The Institute will draw together a vibrant community of researchers from across disciplines, to tackle the issues of inequality on a local, national and global scale.

Mission Statement
Achieving a greater degree of social inclusion is of critical importance to the development of just, integrated, diverse, cohesive and thriving societies in an increasingly interdependent world. This Institute promotes and supports a wide range of interdisciplinary research projects meeting standards of international excellence. Our research seeks to identify, explain and overcome specific social, economic and cultural obstacles to egalitarian respect and social inclusion. Our aim is to work with external partners to address those social harms that cause people to be unnecessarily constrained in realising their full potential. We investigate current and historical issues of exclusion in local, regional, national and international contexts. Our research responds to the need for inclusion and respect for all in the UK and in global society, as demanded by groups and peoples who have been disempowered, marginalised or underrepresented.

There will be further announcements on the Institute for Social Inclusion over the next few months, and we hope that you will join us in this ambitious and exciting project.  

Shane O'Neill

Professor Shane O'Neill
Executive Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences


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