Employment Policy and Equalities

The Employment Policy and Equalities (EPE) group brings together researchers interested in UK and international employment policy and practice, with a particular focus on issues relating to equality.  A strong industrial relations tradition informs this research, complemented by human resource management, labour market studies, and political economy perspectives.  Research spans private and public sectors and typically features high levels of engagement with employers, trade unions, and government bodies, enabled by the group’s large Alumni network of practitioners.  There is an established interest in precarious and vulnerable forms of employment and on labour relations in the UK public sector.  Other members of the group focus on comparative and international industrial relations and employment practices.  The group hosts the journal Historical Studies in Industrial Relations.

Supervision topics

The Employment Policy and Equalities group have a wealth of PhD supervision experience, and many successful completions over the years. We wish to encourage applications in the following areas. If you are interested in any of these topics, or a closely related topic, then please do contact us – informal enquiries may be made to Dr Steve French (s.r.french@keele.ac.uk).  Further details on how to apply can be found here

Public sector industrial relations, including equalities, work-life balance, employment, pay, policy and institutional arrangements in health, local government and education;  globalization and precarious work; migrant workers and racism; frontline workers; global and European trade union organisation, globalisation, varieties of capitalism and New Labour policy; the operation and policies of MNCs including the international automotive sector (and issues of environmental sustainability and employment effects) and contact centres, European Works Councils and social integration/policy; comparative HR and industrial relations; German collective bargaining and trade unions; labour history.



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Past Seminars

Friday 8th January 2016

1-2.30 pm
Darwin Lecture Theatre
Professor Ralph Darlington (Salford University)
The Trade Union Bill

Wednesday 17th February 2016

In conjunction with the Midlands BUIRA Study Group
Dr Nik Hammer (University of Leicester)
Management-Labour Relations and Productivity in the UK’s fashion industry

Wednesday 2nd March 2016
Dr Dave Lyddon (Honorary Fellow Keele University)
The UK’s biggest ever public service strike (30 November 2011): background, tactics, and consequences

Wednesday 16th March 2016
Dr Kim Mather (Keele University)
"A firefighter is who you are, rather than what you do": labour process change in the English fire service?