Economics & Finance

The Economics and Finance group undertakes empirical and theoretical research in microeconomics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, public finance, empirical finance, applied economics, real estate economics, econometrics and the economics of ageing and retirement.  There is an established grouping in applied finance and applied economics.  Research themes include: debt sustainability and the financial crisis; household behaviour in the mortgage market and sub-prime debt; the capital structure of family firms; the effects of monetary policy on exchange rates; dynamic air fare pricing models and customs unions and free trade.

Supervision Topics

The economics and finance group wishes to supervise PhD dissertations in the following the general areas. We present here some project titles and the general lines of enquiries we believe could be pursued. If you are interested in any of these projects or in projects that are related to one or more of them, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Empirical Finance

  • The Dynamics Of Sovereign Risk And The Price Of Risk In Bond And CDS Markets (Alena Audzeyeva)

Applied Economics and Econometrics

  • Health, Economic Wellbeing, and the MDGs: Evidence using Cross-Country Regional Analysis
  • Debt sustainability and the political economy of debt and deficits. (Gabriella Legrenzi)
  • Mortgage/Housing Market Economics and Finance

Economics of ageing and retirement (includes Actuarial research…)

  • Retirement And Informal Care-Giving
  • Retirement Decisions And Asset Accumulation
  • Solvency And Sustainability Of Pension Systems

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Working Papers

Keele Working Papers Series 2011

2011.1.     Husain, M.J. , October 2011,  “Revisiting the Preston Curve: An Analysis of the Joint Evolution of Income and Life Expectancy in the 20th Century”, 28 pages.

2011.2.    Boado-Penas, M-d-C. , October 2011, Models of the Actuarial Balance of the Pay-As-You-Go Pension System. A Review and some Policy Recommendations”  with C. Vidal-Meliá (University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain) and J. Sakamoto  (Nomura Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan), 24 pages.

2011.3.    Lanot, G., October 2011, “Loan Characteristics and Selectivity, Unobserved Heterogeneity and the Performance of United Kingdom Securitised Sub-Prime Loans”, with D. Leece (Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK), 37 pages.

2011.4.    Bladen-Hovell, R. and P. Lawrence, November 2011,  “Financial Liberalisation and Access to Credit by Ghanaian Households”  with J. Yeboah, 25 pages.

2011.5.    Lanot, G. and P., Sousounis, December 2011,   “The Minimum Wage and the Completion of Apprenticeship Training over the Business Cycle”, 21 pages.

2011.6.    Husain, M.J. , December 2011,  “The Preston-Curve and the Contribution of Health to Economic Well-Being: Evidence from the Micro-Data of Bangladesh”, 60 pages.

2011.7.    Husain, M.J. , December 2011,  “Alternative Estimates of the Effect of the Increase of Life Expectancy on Economic Growth”, 43 pages.

2011.8.    Raab, R., December 2011,  “Labour Supply Incentives and Retirement in Ireland” with B. Gannon (University of Leeds, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences), 26 pages.

2011.9.    Raab, R., December 2011, “Income and Wealth of Irish Retirees: New Evidence from Survey Data” with E. O'Shea (Department of Economics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland), 24 pages.