“Arts for Advocacy”: Keele’s role in the Global Challenges Research Fund

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Posted on 25 October 2016

Dr Mariangela Palladino (Humanities, Keele University) is awarded ESRC-AHRC £300.000 grant from the newly-launched Global Challenges Research Fund as co-Investigator – with PI Dr Laura Jeffery (Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh). The 18-months project, “Arts for Advocacy”, responds to the call for innovative, interdisciplinary research on forced displacement and aims to develop arts-based methods to facilitate critical engagement and advocacy in Morocco.

An established strategic partner for the EU in the ‘management’ of migration, Morocco has recently seen a shift from a country of mostly emigration to that of transit and immigration. In this context, issues pertaining to interculturality, migrants’ rights, and racism crucially require new modes of engagement.

Researchers, practitioners, and activists support the deployment of arts-based methods as social research tools, pointing to the positive contribution and transformative power of creative arts.

This participatory and interdisciplinary project will adapt this methodological approach – often limited to the ‘global north’ – into the context of forced displacement in Morocco by collaborating with four Project Partners: GADEM (NGO supporting forced migrants in Morocco), ALECMA (forced migrants’ association in Rabat), DABATEATR (artists’ collective in Morocco), and GRAMNet (Glasgow refugee, asylum and migration network).


Dr Mariangela Palladino