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This section of the website has information and documents relevant to current students. Please contact the Faculty Research Office if you have any queries about the material provided.


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Useful Information

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Graduate School

Support and activities for Postgraduate Students at Keele


Training, Events and Exchange Opportunities

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Progress and Monitoring

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Postgraduate Student Representation

The University has a Postgraduate Students Executive Liaison Committee meeting several times a year and the Social Sciences Research Committee (PGRC) which meets on a monthly basis.

PGR Grads walking towards Moser

Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme, designed for Keele PGR students once they have completed their studies.  This is a purely Honorary position (ie there is no remuneration), but the scheme offers two years' access to your Keele email address, plus library and hotdesking access, following completion. 

Find out how to apply here: Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme and Postdoctoral Fellowship application form

Careers Service

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