Robert Meredith

Supervisor(s):Steven Shardlow
Location: CM1.10, Claus Moser Research Centre
Role: PhD Student, Research Assistant for Interprofessional Education- HCPC Project

Before coming to Keele, I completed my degree in childhood and youth studies at Edge Hill University. In 2014 I undertook an MA in social work at Keele. During this time, I acquired research skills; completed a dissertation; undertook two practice placement periods of 6 months; and was Student Academic Representative for the course. I have experience working with: refugee and asylum seekers; children and families including for Cafcass family court proceedings and delivering the Separated Parenting Information Programme (SPIP). I am trained to work as a Key Worker for the Government’ Building Resilient Families and Communities (BRFC) “Troubled Families” initiative.

My research interests include:

  • Media representations

  • Social welfare and the public discourse in the context of neo-liberal, austerity driven politics

  • Social constructions of online spaces

Title: Representations of Social Work in the Media: Public Knowledge and Understanding

Supervisor: Steven Shardlow

Summary: Heightened awareness of the social work profession is apparent in its increased presence, in both fictional and non-fictional television. The proposed study seeks to understand the extent of social work representation and address the impact of these depictions, both in terms of the public and professional perception.

  • Shardlow, S.M., Meredith, R., Bücher, C., Maddock, K., Morris, A., & Pooler, A., (2015). Interprofessional education for social workers. Paper presented at the 5th European conference for social work research (ECSWR), Re-visioning social work with individuals, collectives and communities - social work research, Ljubljana, Slovenia

I am a HCPC registered Social Worker, as well as a member of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW).