Current Activities

The Faculty is a focus for high-quality, innovative and inter-disciplinary research at Keele. It is home to a number of externally-funded research projects and leading research groupings. We also host an exciting range of intellectual and creative conferences, colloquia and seminars, as well as international academic conferences. In addition, our series of seminars, research-led music recitals, and workshops contribute to regional and national scholarly networks. Those networks are further developed through our programme of visiting research fellows who contribute to the vibrant research environment through seminars, workshops and training sessions for students and staff. A number of major academic journals are edited from within the Faculty, and we celebrate the achievements of our members through book launches and public lectures.

For further details on our projects and research groups, please use the links on the left hand side menu or explore our featured items below. More information on seminars and conferences can be found in the News and Events section of the website.


Research Projects

Featured Project: Bridging the Divide

Bridging the Gap between Academic Rigour and Community Relevance: Fresh Insights from American Pragmatism

The main aim of this collaboration is to explore collectively the strengths and limitations of individual AHRC projects in addressing and bridging the gap between academic knowledge and community relevance.