Welcome to Music & Music Technology

Virtual Offer Holder Day

Welcome to Music and Music Technology at Keele!

This offer holder day taster session for prospective Music and Music Technology students provides an introduction to the world of musical borrowing and digital sampling. Music’s development, evolution and progression throughout history has always relied on external influences, uptake of ideas and inspiration from other music. Contemporary sampling within chart music demonstrates how prevalent musical borrowing still is in modern times - this taster session guides you through some well known tunes that depend upon samples for their existence, giving rise to their wide appeal and success.

Sample modification is worth paying attention to, as this video below shows, indicating how samples are amended by artists and producers to fit their new contexts. A discussion on terminology is also included to encourage thinking about the variety of acts that may be considered as musical borrowing.

Music and Music Technology - Presentation

This video introduces the Music and Music Technology degree programmes at Keele University for 2020 entry.

Music & Music Technology taster

This video provides a taster session on musical borrowing and digital sampling for prospective students looking at the Music and Music Technology degree programmes at Keele University (2020 entry).

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