Tasneem, Postgraduate Media Student

Whilst applying to different universities, Keele seemed to be more welcoming towards International students and personally I felt more welcome. Since I was leaving my home country of Bangladesh for the first time I wanted that sort of feeling, because there is the fear of the unknown as to what is going to happen but Keele was very warm to me.

I did my undergraduate studies in linguistics and media & cultural studies, but I knew I wanted to take media forward. I came across the Media MA’s at Keele and I asked for advice on which course was most suitable for me and chose MA Global Media and Management.

MA Global Media and Management has two different aspects to it, one is the Media aspect and the other is focused on business and organisations. I find myself more inclined towards the Media aspect, that’s why I chose to take all of the Media modules for this year. I felt I could relate more to the Media aspects of the course, and it was on the Mediated Communications module where I learnt how to think critically and give my thought process a more critical view of images, storylines, advertisements etc.

I recommend this Masters course to a student, but I would tell them to have a conversation with the programme co-ordinator first. That way, you can be sure that this is the right course for you based on your skills and experience.