Aiming for a career as a producer, Hannah tells us how Media has helped her decide what she wants to do:

I choose Media specifically at Keele because it allowed me to take Physics as well, as part of the dual honour programme, which meant that I could do two subjects that I was really passionate about.

I think that Media is fantastic because there is such a wide range of disciplines within the department as a whole. The broad range of subjects means that you can try some of them, all of them or you can just specialise in the ones that you know you'll enjoy.

A module that I really enjoyed was Understanding Culture in my first year, because I have never done any cultural theory before and I found it really interesting and fascinating.

I think the resources that are available to us are fantastic. I have never used Apple Macs before, but the training and the programs that we have access to are just brilliant and so is the equipment and the spaces that are available to us.

Well I have had no skills in media before I came to university, but Media has given me the opportunity to explore graduate courses in cinematography, which is really exciting and I wouldn't have been able to do without the skills that Media has given me.

I think the most important thing is to not worry if you haven’t had much media experience before, because all of the staff here are so encouraging and willing to help and they know their stuff so well.