Eileen, MA Global Media & Culture Student

I went to a UK universities fair in Germany and the first booth I went to were the nicest people. The campus looked beautiful, they actually had a master’s programme which sounded perfect, it was affordable and the uni was called Keele, so I thought, wow, this is the one!

What I enjoy most about the MA Global Media & Culture course is that we are very free in choosing the topics that we want to study. Within the modules we are free to choose the topics that we like to do, so we can focus on the ones that we are interested in.

So for example, for my dissertation I’m looking at the hashtag of the social movement on social media, but then for the Mediated Communications module we had to write a longer essay which I wrote that about the fad acceptance movement, looking at the theory behind that and how advertising plays a role in it. For the Globalisation, Culture, Media module I’m looking at travel documentaries, so all quite broad topics. As long as your chosen topic fits within the frame of the module, so for example Mediated Communications focused a lot on advertisements so your chosen topic should be relevant to that subject.

From the MA Global Media & Culture course, I now appreciate the value of education. I think its a privilege to be able to study. I appreciate it more now than I used to. It also helps me discuss things more, think critically and be able to question topics.