Postgraduate study

We offer three major postgraduate routes, an MA in History, a Master of Research in the Humanities (History) and a PhD.

Details of Humanities PGT scholarships can be found here.

MA in History

The MA in History provides coverage of the attempts of human beings in past societies, from the Middle Ages to the very recent past, to organise life materially and conceptually, individually and collectively. It enables students to engage critically with the contested nature of the past and the role of the discipline as a mediator for understanding both the past and the present.

The MA in History provides a route into PhD and further research in History.

If you are a current Keele undergraduate or alumnus a bursary of £1,000 towards fees is available for both full-time and part-time study. For details contact the Student Support Centre.

Master of Research in the Humanities (History)

Master of Research in the Humanities (History) introduces students to, and further develops their knowledge of methodological debates within the discipline of history, critical developments in the historiography, and most especially allows students to undertake a substantial piece of personal research under the supervision of an acknowledged expert. Supervision is offered in a wide range of topics, reflecting the expertise of scholars in History in more distant times and cultures, periods of revolutionary change and more recent themes including: Medieval church history and the crusades; Religion, print culture, gender in the Early modern era; the English civil war; the politics of Revolutionary France 1789-1871; modern Irish history; Eastern European Jewry; German occupation policy; Colonial and post-colonial India; the history of African Christianity; Local history, especially of the North Midlands from medieval to recent times; Genocide, political violence and terrorism; Gender and women's history; and the Social history of medicine.

The 2009 and 2010 groups include students working on district medical officers in Poor Law Unions and workhouses in North Staffordshire, the Isle of Man in the early middle ages, women murderers, the English crusaders, the creation of an independent Zambia, Polish holocaust trauma, and the Ukrainian famine.

PhD in History 

The history department at Keele is an active and supportive environment in which to undertake the highest quality historical research. We are members of the AHRC Northwest Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership, enabling us to offer outstanding PhD candidates financial support through their studies. We also offer funding options through bursaries, fee waivers and Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) where appropriate

Supervision can be offered across a broad range of areas, and Keele historians are experienced in providing careful and supportive frameworks for students. Our expertise is described on our research page. As well as individual projects we have been successful in winning AHRC collaborative awards in which the student works with non-University partner.

Local history

MA, MRes and PhD routes are all available to students pursuing interests in the local history of the North-West Midlands, especially the counties of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Postgraduate admissions tutor

Dr Shalini Sharma