About us

The Film Studies community at Keele brings together academics and students of cinema and other screen media. Students work in close contact with their peers and lecturers throughout their time at Keele, focusing on the historical, theoretical and analytical study of film, as both important cultural product, and as an art form.

Our courses cover the range of cinematic outputs, from early silent film to contemporary Hollywood blockbusters. As a programme we are committed to studying and exploring the role of film across international and historical contexts, engaging with issues of industry, aesthetics and representation. Most importantly, as a community and researchers we are forward-looking, engaging with pressing questions of film politics and policy, and how films respond to contemporary contexts.

Film students at Keele are also able to pursue practical work, such as creative writing and film-making, and explore film in an inter-disciplinary way, through our connections to related disciplines such as Media and English. Our academic staff are all active researchers in the field and publish widely on a number of areas. These include books, chapters and articles on Hollywood and British cinemas, French, Francophone and wider European film, and American documentary and television; exploring topics and genres such as the road movie and migrant film, parody, science fiction, and crime.