Student-Staff Voice Committee

This committee meets at least once each semester. It is chaired by a student and consists of the Student-Staff Voice Officer, Emma Henderson, and 2-3 representatives from each year (including postgraduates) who are elected at the beginning of the session.

The committee's business is to provide a forum in which formal discussion of matters of mutual concern can take place. This is one of the places where you can bring to our attention ways in which we could improve what we offer, and we discuss with you changes that we have in mind.  The Voice Committee also receives copies of annual course assessment by students, for comment and discussion.

The minutes of its meetings are posted on the Noticeboard and are circulated by e-mail and the dates of its meetings are announced well in advance so that those who are not members can make sure that matters they wish discussed appear on the agenda. Members of the committee also contact other members of their year by e-mail in order to gather suggestions for discussion at the meeting or to gather opinions together on particular issues.

The Voice Committee has been a significant force for good in the past, and we expect that it will continue to be so in the future.