BA Miami University English, Philosophy (Departmental Honors), MA University of Memphis Philosophy. My interests are focused on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant generally, but particularly on the theoretical philosophy. I have interests also in the history of post-Kantian philosophy in the 20th century, particularly classical phenomenology (mainly Husserl; Heidegger), but also the history of analytic philosophy. I also am interested in some of the precursors of Kant (Spinoza, Hume).

Research and scholarship

The concept of ‘world’ in Kant’s philosophy

The concept of world plays an important part within the system of transcendental idealism that Kant developed in the mature critical philosophy. However, the role that the concept stands in need of certain clarification as to what the exact ramifications are of Kant’s thinking on the subject, not just for theoretical philosophy, but also for moral philosophy. In my dissertation, I want to trace how this concept is deployed throughout the three Critiques, as well as paying attention to how this concept is important for other major work on history, anthropology, etc.

Supervisor: Dr. Sorin Baiasu

  • “Can the Imagination be located completely within Sensibility? A response to Nuzzo” (forthcoming) in Proceedings of the XIIth International Kant Congress.
  • “Kant on the cognitive significance of natural and practical laws” Mid South Philosophy Conference (19-20 February, 2016) Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
  • “Can the Imagination be located completely within Sensibility? A response to Nuzzo”, XIIth International Kant Congress, 2015
  • “Imagination: Synthesis in the Transcendental Deduction”, West Chester University 9th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference, 2014