Michelle is a PhD student in Criminology within the school of Social Science and Public Policy. She is also a Sessional Teacher in Criminology, contributing to the undergraduate degree programme. Michelle has previously completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Psychology, and also a Master of Arts degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Keele University.

Michelle has also been employed as a Treatment Worker in a local drug and alcohol service. Her role was to support individuals who use substances problematically to either reduce their consumption or to become abstinent. She has also worked within the Criminal Justice sector with offenders who have been issued Alcohol Treatment Requirements (ATR’s).

Research and scholarship

Research project

Working Title: ‘Desistance from drug misuse: a study of how formerly persistent drug misusers reform and reconstruct their identity to reintegrate into society’

Project Summary: This research will explore the pathways individuals with problematic drug misuse take in order to desist from drug use and in the re-establishment of their identity as they reintegrate into society. It will seek to understand how people leaving treatment reconstruct their identity post treatment, and move away from a life of criminality.

Supervisors: Samantha Weston, Ronnie Lippens and Mary Corcoran


Michelle is a Sessional Teacher on the undergraduate module CRI-30049: Drugs: High Crimes or Misdemeanours?