• BA (hons) Geography, Sunderland University (2011)
  • Doctoral research project at Keele University funded by the Research Institute for Social Sciences and Stoke-on-Trent City Council (2011-2014)

Research and scholarship

Local Enterprise Partnerships: Networking for Innovation and Regeneration

A central objective of the proposed research is to assess the capacity of LEPs for policy learning and innovation, examining the ways in which the new institutions, political actors and policy agendas emerge in the context of urban regeneration. The research will focus on a single case study and will aim to generate insights into the way in which local businesses understand and evaluate the purpose and role of the LEP as a focal point of efforts to create innovations. It will establish how different actors see their role in helping to stimulate local policy innovation and the level and extent of involvement in working with other partners. The research will evaluate the particular patterns of communication or networking among key actors within these local networks within the LEP.

The research is supervised by Dr Philip Catney (Senior Lecturer Politics) and Professor Steve Cropper (Professor of Management).

Further information

Sessional Teacher, PIR-20067 Environmental Politics and Policy

Keele Postgraduate Research Forum, co-organiser.

Publications and presentations

  • Keele Postgraduate Research Forum, Keele University, 11 February, 2014, ‘Dramatis non-persona: Local Enterprise Partnerships, (in)visibility and urban governance’.
  • Playing Games, University College London, 24 May, 2013, ‘DayZ and the rise of emergent social gameplay’.
  • Postgraduate Research Symposium, Keele University, March 2012, ‘Local Growth, Regional Risk? Localism and Local Enterprise Partnerships’.