Standard Visitor Visa (Academic)

An academic applying for a 12 month visitor (standard) visa must:

  • be highly qualified within their own field of expertise; and
  • be currently working in that field at an academic institution or institution of higher education overseas; and
  • if required, provide a valid medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner confirming they have undergone screening for active pulmonary tuberculosis and that this screening is negative.

An academic may:

  • take part in formal exchange arrangements with UK counterparts (including doctors);
  • carryout research for their own purposes if they are on sabbatical leave from their home institution;
  • if they are an eminent senior doctor or dentist, take part in research, teaching or clinical practice providing this does not amount to filling a permanent teaching post.


Visitors (standard) may carry out the following study:

  • education exchanges or visits with a UK state or independent school; or
  • a maximum of 30 days study on:
    • Recreational courses (not English language training)
    • A short-course (which includes English language training) at an accredited institution;
  • provided that the main purpose of the visit is not to study.