Recruitment and Selection - Staff Guidance and Information


Keele University recognises that its staff are fundamental to its success. We, therefore, need to attract, recruit and retain people with the essential skills and attributes necessary to fulfil our mission and strategic goals.

As a leading example of an open and integrated community Keele University strives to be a place where learning, living and working are positive experiences for all. Keele University is committed, on an ongoing basis, to the principles and practice of equality and diversity and is committed to creating and celebrating a positive, inclusive culture based on respect for individuals' differences, in which students and staff are actively encouraged to reach their full potential. Keele University's culture is one that promotes respect for the whole University community of staff and students and for those stakeholders from the wider community who have linkages with the University.

Our staff are our most valuable and valued asset and staff recruitment and selection is a key public relations exercise. A well-managed recruitment and selection exercise will reflect favourably on the University. We need, therefore, to ensure that our recruitment and selection processes are planned, professional, fair, efficient and cost effective. To achieve this, the University provides appropriate training, development and support to those involved in recruitment and selection activities. 


Anyone directly involved in the appointment of University staff (including Chairs and members of Appointment Panels/Advisory Group members) must attend an initial 3 hour workshop led by Human Resources or complete an online training course via the Learning & Professional Development Centre (LPDC).  In this way everyone involved in recruitment should understand the University's statutory obligations and the resulting best practice which has been developed to underpin the process. Recruiters are kept abreast of the changes in employment law and procedure at Keele by completing the workshop or online course every two years.


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Useful Information

The headings below provide access to documents and useful information relating to the University's recruitment and selection practices.