Casual timesheet FAQs

A separate casual timesheet with hours worked in each role will need to be completed so that Payroll can ensure the correct rate is paid for each role.

A P45 should be submitted where available. If no P45 can be provided on commencement then the information provided in Section 2 (Starter Declaration) of the Form A will be used.

No. Hours should never be claimed in advance of the work undertaken. Only hours that have actually been worked should be submitted and authorised for payment.

All casual workers are entitled to holiday pay on each hour they work and this must be claimed through the casual timesheet, monitored and approved by the line manager/authoriser.  Holiday pay is usually paid in full on submission of the final timesheet

Holiday pay is paid at 12.07% on top of the hourly rate and is calculated by multiplying the hours worked by the hourly rate and then multiplying the total payable by 12.07% eg if the worker has completed 10 hours at an agreed rate of £7.83 they would be entitled to holiday pay of £9.45 (£7.83 x 10 x 12.07%). The same process will apply for one-off payments. All pay and holiday pay needs to be claimed and authorised separately on timesheets.

The casual worker should sign the timesheet as confirmation that they have undertaken the work they are claiming for.

The casual worker’s line manager should sign the timesheet as authorisation that they confirm the work has been undertaken.

The authorised signatory (budget holder/Head of Department) should sign the timesheet as confirmation that the monies being claimed are within budget.

Signatory’s names should be printed in case Payroll need to contact someone should there be any queries regarding the timesheet.

In line with audit requirements any change of address will need to be notified in writing (email will be acceptable).

For a change in bank details the casual worker would need to complete a Change of Bank Form, available on the Payroll and Pensions web page here and return the Form to the Payroll & Pensions office.