The Payroll section of the Payroll & Pensions Office, administers the University's payroll - this is run on a monthly basis to include Salaried Employees, Casual Operational Employees and Casual Sundry Fees.  We also administer the KSS Pensioners Payroll.

The aim of the Payroll section is to pay each member of University staff accurately and on time in accordance with the terms and conditions of their contracts of employment, and in accordance with the statutory requirements set by Government legislation.

Pay day is always the penultimate working day of the month.

The section provides all aspects of payroll related advice, gross to net (i.e. less income tax, national insurance, superannuation etc), to staff.  For queries about contract details you may also wish to contact the Human Resources Link Manager with responsibility for your Faculty/School/Directorate.

The section also completes all the necessary returns in respect of PAYE Tax and National Insurance to HM Revenue & Customs on behalf of the University.

P45 and final payslips

P45's and final payslips are issued direct to employees home address - please ensure that you update any change of address through employee self service (ess) prior to leaving as P45's cannot be re-issued.

Please note that copy payslips and up to one P60/statement of earnings will incur a charge of £10.00 payable via the on-line store.

2021/2022 tax codes

If you have any queries regarding your code please contact the HMRC employees helpline on 0300 200 3300 - you will need your NI number and Keele's paye reference which is 586/U3 (KSS pensions in payment the paye reference is 586/U23).

2020/2021 P60s

For employees that have access to employee self service (ESS) - P60s are now available on line.

Casual employee P60s have been sent out to the home address we hold in Keele people.

KSS pensioner P60s have been sent out to the home address we hold in Keele people.

The Payroll & Pensions Office is based in the Innovation Centre 2, Ground Floor.

For resolutions for pay please contact the member of staff, with responsibility for your category of staff, to arrange a mutually agreed appointment time.  For personal discussion regarding pensions please contact the designated pension administrator.






Ann Allender Payroll & Pensions Manager 01782 (7) 33773
Simone Worthington Deputy Payroll & Pensions Manager - Overall responsibility for Monthly Payroll (all categories) - Responsible for Salaried Staff (Faculties) 01782 (7) 34167
Karen Brock Pensions Administration Co-ordinator 01782 (7) 33156
Vicki Annoscia Payroll & Pensions Officer - Responsible for Casual Sundry Staff & Cycle To Work - Responsible for Salaried Staff (Directorates) 01782 (7) 33524