Pay and Job Evaluation

Outside of Academic Promotions Keele uses the Hay Job Evaluation Method.  To ensure that jobs are analysed effectively and fairly, it is necessary to break them down into common elements. The Hay Job Evaluation Method has devised three common elements: Know-How, Problem Solving and Accountability.  These are briefly defined below.

KNOW-HOW this is defined as the sum of every kind of knowledge, skill and experience required for acceptable performance in the job.

PROBLEM SOLVING this is defined as the self-starting thinking required by the job holder in analysing and evaluating information to arrive at conclusions, take actions and make recommendations.

ACCOUNTABILITY. This is defined as the answerability for action and for the consequences of that action.  It is the intended effect of the job on the University, the wider academic community or discipline.  All jobs are accountable for producing or achieving certain end results.


Job Families

Academic Role Profiles
Teaching and Research
Teaching and Scholarship
Support Staff
Administrative job family‌ (Grades 1-6) 
Managerial and Specialist job family (Grades 7-9)  

Technical job family (Grades 1-6)


Job grade review procedure