Keele is a diverse, multi-cultural and multi-faith community.  General information about the life of faith and faith communities on campus can be found on the Keele faith and chaplaincy webpage.

Here you can find out about your faith at Keele. If your faith is not represented the staff of the Chaplaincy will gladly help put you in touch with representatives from your faith or denomination.

The Chapel

In the middle of campus is Keele Chapel - you can't miss it! 

There's regular worship in the Chapel, both throughout the week and on a Sunday, providing a variety of styles: lively, modern, contemplative or traditional - take your pick!

There's a thriving Christian community with a busy programme.

The Chapel is OPEN TO ALL EVERY DAY in term-time offering free tea and coffee, a place to meet friends, space for personal prayer or quiet reflection, and individual support and advice if required.

As well as worship and the meetings of various groups, the Chapel is used by the University for events such as concerts and graduations.

For more information check out Keele Chapel.

The Islamic Centre

The Islamic Centre has dedicated Muslim prayer rooms with washing facilities available for both men and women. Keele’s Islamic Centre is located in Barnes Hall of Residence and can be used for worship, reflection and time out by students and staff. The Islamic Centre can be accessed with a Keele card.

Other faiths

The Chaplains are able to give advice on places and communities of worship for people of different religions, spiritualties and faith traditions. Further information on faith groups is available on the webpage or by contacting the chaplaincy team.

There are various places on campus set aside for groups or individuals to worship, pray, meditate or reflect, and all students and staff are most welcome to make use of them.