This section includes useful information about communication services in the UK.

Post Office

The post office has a wide range of instore and online services to send letters and parcels within the UK and overseas. We have a branch on campus, within McCols, offering some services. Alternatively you can search for your local branch.

Mobile phones

There are various mobile phone companies in the UK with a range of price plans. Comparison websites offer details on the range of price plans available.

There are two main types of mobile phone service available in the UK market

Pay Monthly

If you wish to pay for your phone on a monthly contract, you have many network providers to choose from, and the prices vary.  It is worth visiting a general mobile phone shop to discuss the options available to you.  A contract normally requires a minimum term of 12 months, but this may entitle you to a free handset, discounts and some extra benefits throughout the year.

Pay as You Go

This option may be slightly more expensive, as you also have to buy a handset, but if you do not use your phone regularly, you will save money as you have no minimum monthly payment to make, and you can 'Top Up' your credit whenever you need it.