Course Information for Current Undergraduates

  • Undergraduate History Handbook 2018/19
  • Digitised Resources for Historians

    This section contains a number of online packages for students on the following topics:

    The papacy, religious change and church reform, 1049-1125

    Migration and the Early Modern English Town

    The Protestant Reformation

    The French Revolution

    Economic Growth and Social Change in the Eighteenth Century English Town

    Social Aspects of Industrialisation

    British Industrial Growth

    Mass Politics and the Revolutions of 1848

    The Great Powers and the Division of Europe : 1945-1949

    Major Themes in Women's History. From the Enlightenment to the Second World War

    Enfranchising Women: The Politics of Women's Suffrage in Europe 1789-194

    Urbanisation in Britain 1785-1914

    Core Resources for Historians

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