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The journal Staffordshire Studies is published periodically by the Centre for Local History. It covers all aspects of the history of the historic county of Staffordshire, including the parts of the south of the county transferred to the West Midlands in 1974. Articles, all other contributions and editorial correspondence should be addressed to the editor, Staffordshire Studies, Centre for Local History, University of Keele, Keele, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG.


Dr Ian Atherton

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Staffordshire Studies - Volume 21

  • A Sheik in Staffordshire:  Oswald Mosley and Labour Politics (The 25th Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele University on 10 October 2011) - David Howell
  • 'Kyntt in one Knott together':  Catholic survivalism in Elizabethan Staffordshire and Derbyshire and the role of Thomas, Lord Paget, 1570-1583 (The Staffordshire Studies Prize Essay) - David Thurkettle
  • Leek's Water-Powered Silk Mill - A.W. Bednall
  • Funeral practices in late nineteenth-century Stafford - Lynda Holland
  • The Schoolmaster and the Cane, 1851, revisited - David Jackson

Book Reviews:

  • Victoria County History.  A History of the County of Stafford, Vol. XI:  Audley, Keele and Trentham, edited by Nigel J. Tringham, by
    David J. Appleby
  • Malcolm Hislop, Mark Kincey and Gareth Williams, Tutbury:  'A Castle Firmly Built'.  Archaeological and historical investigations at Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire, by John Hunt.

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 20

  • Personalities and Politics in Mid-Sixteenth-Century Staffordshire - Ralph Houlbrooke
  • 'Singular Adventure in Staffordshire', or, The Tomb of Rosicrucius. Fact, Fancy and Folklore in the Curious History of a Non-Existent Wonder - Leigh T I Penman
  • Illicit Housing in North Staffordshire from 1589 to 1830 - Chris Emms
  • Did the Industrialisation Period Trigger Change in the Way People Planned for Death? A Case Study of the County Town of Stafford 1761-1860 - Lynda Holland

Book Reviews:

  • Rose Wheat, Penkridge in the late seventeenth century: 'the most unintelligible place that ever I saw', by Heather Falvey
  • Philip K Wilson, Elizabeth A Dolan and Malcolm Dick, eds, Anna Seward's Life of Erasmus Darwin, by David Amigoni

Staffordshire Studies – Volume 19

  • Rereading Manorial Custumals: Lords, Tenants and Custom on three Staffordshire Estates (1297-1341) – Jean Birrell
  • A Local Feud in the Midst of National Conflict: The Swynnerton-Staffords of Sandon Feud, Staffordshire 1304-34 - Peter W. Sposato
  • Early Mormonism in Staffordshire, 1839-1869 - Catherine Cartwright

Notes and Documents:

  • The English Civil War in Staffordshire: The Experience of Uttoxeter - David Cooper
  • ‘Living the Poor Life’: The Correspondence of two North Staffordshire Poor Law Unions 1835-54 in the National Archives - Paul Anderton, Alun Davies, and David Jackson

Book Reviews:

  • Sylvia Watts, ed., Staffordshire Glebe Terriers, 1575-1884 (Staffordshire Record Society, Collections for a History of Staffordshire), by Steven Hobbs

Staffordshire Studies – Volume 18

  • ‘A Setting of Cheap Thrills and False Emotions’?:Archaeology, Parks and Gardens in Staffordshire (The 24th Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele University on 6 December 2007) - Paul Everson
  • William Keates of Cheadle (1801-1888) and the British Copper Industry in the Nineteenth Century - Ken Davies

Notes and Documents:

  •  The Accounts of the Royalist Garrison of Lichfield Close, 1643-5 - Ian Atherton

Book Reviews:

  • J.C. Bates, ed., The Register of William Bothe, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 1447–1452, by Nigel Tringham
  • Ivor Carr and Ian Atherton, eds, The Civil War in Staffordshire in the /Spring of 1646: Sir William Brereton’s Letter Book, April–May 1646, by Peter Gaunt
  • Alun Davies, The North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary 1802–1948, by Alannah Tomkins

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 17

  • Servants, Family and Business: Domestic Service in Staffordshire in 1851; The 23rd Earl Lecture delivered at Keele University on 16 November 2005 - Pamela Sambrook
  • Decline, Defeat, and Building Solidarity: The North Staffordshire Miners' Federation (NSMF) 1875-1888 - Roger Seifert
  • The Development of Local History at Keele - Robin Studd

Notes and Documents:

  • The Revd Dr Robert Wilde at Tatenhill - David R. Viles

Book Review:

  • Michael Greenslade, Catholic Staffordshire, by Ian Atherton

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 16

  • A Small Medieval Landowner: Farewell Priory, its Estate and Tenants, 1290-1440 - Jane Hampartumian and Freddy Stitt
  • The Fowlers of St Thomas, near Stafford, 1543-1738 - Rose Longden
  • Dr Anthony Hewett ( c . 1603-1684) MD Padua and Cambridge: Physician of Lichfield and Student of Renaissance Medicine - Denis Gibbs

Book Review:

  • C.P. Lynam, Charles Lynam and his Family, by Christopher Wakeling

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 15

  • Literacy in a Rural Community: An Assessment of the use of Probate Records to Determine the Levels of Literacy in the Parish of Audley, 1650-1700 - Robert Mayer
  • Taking the Traffic: Road Traffic Censuses in Victorian Burton-upon-Trent - Shirley Pryce
  • How Staffordshire Won The Great War; The 22nd Earl Lecture Delivered At Keele University On 29 October 2003 - J.M. Bourne

Notes and Documents:

  • A Pre-Reformation Churchwardens' Account for St. Mary's Church, Stafford - Nigel Tringham
  • Letters to America: Joseph Barker in Betley, 1854 - Martin Crawford
  • George Orwell in Staffordshire - Robert Fyson

Book Reviews:

  • Robert Milner, Brittains Of Cheddleton Paper Makers. The Position of Brittains Ltd in the History of Paper Making , by Gary B. Magee
  • John Golding, Hammer of the Left: Defeating Tony Benn, Eric Heffer and Militant in the Battle for the Labour Party , Edited By Paul Farrelly, By Robert Fyson

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 14

  • The Urbanizing of Staffordshire: The First Phases; The 21st Earl Lecture delivered at Keele University on 9 November 2001  - Christopher Dyer
  • Staffordshire Societies for the apprehension and prosecution of Felons, 1700-1850 - James Sutton
  • The Last Years of Staffordshire Jacobitism - Douglas Hay
  • Stock-Jobbers and Cotton Spinners versus the Agricutural interest: A Staffordsire Land Agent and the Corn Laws - Rose Wheat

Book Review

  • John Turner, Joseph Lycett, Governor Macquarie's Convict Artist, by Robin Studd

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 13

  • The Tutbury coin hoard and The Civil War of 1321-2 - Jennifer Rowley
  • The horse trade in Tudor and Stuart Staffordshire - Peter Edwards
  • Staffordshire and the Irish revolt of 1641- Michael Cooksley and Ian Atherton
  • Fragility and Resilience in a middle-class family: Jeremiah Ginders (1777-1845) and his kin -
    Alannah Tomkins
  • The Staffordshire Pottery Industry in the nineteenth century and its markets - Pauline Booth
  • The impact of friendly societies in North Staffordshire - Clive Bradbury

Notes and Documents

  • Piety and Infrastructure: Bridge Maintenance in early sixteenth-century Staffordshire - R N Swanson

Review of Books

  • Mark S Hagger, The Fortunes of a Norman Family: The de Verduns in England, Ireland and Wales, 1066-1316, by Philip Morgan
  • The Register of Walter Langton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield 1296-1321, Ed. J B Hughes, by Nigel Tringham

Obituary: Denis Stuart, by Michael Greenslade

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 12 (2000)

  • The survival of Scandinavian Personal names in Staffordshire Names - Ernest Edgar Tooth
  • Elizabethan Ironmaking and the woodlands of Cannock Chase and the Churnet Valley, Staffordshire - Chris Welch
  • Tixall Revisited: the letters of Constance Aston and Winfred Thimelby in 17th century Staffordshire - Julie C Sanders
  • Chartism in Longton - Robert Fyson
  • 'One of the Wonders of the World, not to say the monstrosities of the world': The Saroléa collection at Keele University library, 1954-2000 - Sam Johnson

Notes and Documents:

  • Recorded 'Waste' in the Staffordshire Domesday - Robin Studd
  • Staffordshire Genealogy and the Internet: - Some new evidence about the Burton Brewer, William Bass - Alannah Tomkins

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 11 (1999)

  • Josiah Wedgwood and the History of Parliament (The Twentieth Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele, 28 October 1999) - David Cannadine
  • The Valor Ecclesiasticus: A re-appraisal based on Staffordshire material - Christopher Harrison
  • An Early list of the registrations of dissenters' meeting houses in late Seventeenth-Century Staffordshire - Ian Atherton
  • Traveller's tale and contemporary source: William Efford's visit to Ecton Copper mine in the 1760s - Pat Bromfield
  • 'The Brightest ornament of our native county': The Staffordshire general lunatic asylum, 1818-1855 - Leonard D Smith
  • The Central School of Science and Technology: Origins of a modern University - Barry Job

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 10 (1998)

  • The distinctive Surnames of Staffordshire (The Nineteenth Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele, 6 November 1997) - David Hey
  • Family and Fortune: The Domestic affairs of Edward Sutton (d.1532) Lord Dudley - W R B Robinson
  • The Psalm singers of Rushton Spencer - Nigel J Tringham
  • Ratepayers and Radicals: Opposition to the governing Élite in Nineteenth - Century Tunstall - Catherine Haworth
  • Sandfield House Lunatic Asylum, Lichfield, 1820-1856 - Leonard D Smith

Short Notices and Documents:

  • The name of Trysull, near Wolverhampton - Andrew Breeze
  • Theses on Staffordshire History - Compiled by C J Harrison

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 9 (1997)

  • Walter Langton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield 1296-1321, and his register - Jill B Hughes
  • 'Now the Witch is dead': A study of a narrative of Witchcraft on the Staffordshire /Derbyshire border - Marion Gibson
  • The Pattern of Poor Law Expenditure in Staffordshire in the second half of the Eighteenth century: Order or Chaos? - Dudley Fowkes
  • Staffordshire and the setting up of the Great Exhibition 1851 - Paul Anderton
  • The Ailments and Medical Remedies of Susanna Ingleby of Basford Hall -Marion Aldis and Pam Inder
  • Local Dialect and its relevance to the study of Place-names and surnames in Staffordshire - Ernest Edgar Tooth

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 8 (1996)

  • Staffordshire Place-Names - Michael Paffard
  • The Miracles of Saint Modwenna of Burton - Robert Bartlett
  • From Preceptor to Prisoner of the Church: Ralph Tanet of Keele and the last of the Templars - Robin Studd
  • Edward Sutton (d.1532), Lord Dudley: A West Midlands peer in national and local government under the early Tudors - W R B Robinson
  • Coal Mining around Quarnford - J T Leach
  • Arnold Wain, Dentist: A case study of Dental Care provision in the Staffordshire Potteries, 1910-1959 - Christopher Harrison

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 7 (1995)

  • Poverty Portrayed: Gregory King and Eccleshall in Staffordshire in the 1690s - Margaret Spufford & James Went

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 6 (1994)

  • A 1319 Clergy list of the Tamworth and Tutbury Deanery in the Diocese of Coventry and Lichfield - Jill B Hughes
  • The Landscaping of Aqualate Park 1805-1813 - Don Yale
  • Business Enterprise and Social Mobility: A study of the Hanburys of Norton Canes - David Brown
  • The Documentation of Hulton Abbey: Two cases of Forgery - John L Tomkinson
  • Thomas Wardle and the Kashmir Silk Industry - Anne G Jacques

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 5 (1993)

  • An early Thirteenth-Century survey of the Earl of Chester's fee of Leek - Nigel J Tringham
  • Clergy and Manorial Society in Late Medieval Staffordshire - R N Swanson
  • The Former Benedictine Abbey Church of St Mary and St Modwen (Modwenna) at Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, and the problem of a west transept there - J Philip McAleer
  • Between Nature and Grace: The folk religion of dissident Methodism in the North Midlands 1780-1820 - Wayne J Johnson
  • The Tamworth Music Festival of 1809 - Philip Olleson
  • Nineteenth-Century North Staffordshire Builidng Societies - Paul Gallimore

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 4 (1991-92)

  • Land Tenure and Lordship in Tenth and Eleventh Century Staffordshire - John Hunt
  • Staffordshire in the Reign of Queen Anne - W A Speck
  • Admiral Anson at the Admiralty 1744-62 - F B Stitt
  • The structure of Industry in Victorian Walsall - Philip Liddle

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 3 (1990-91)

  • Medieval Newcastle-under-Lyme: A Hidden Domesday Borough? - Robin Studd
  • The Forest and the Chase in Medieval Staffordshire - Jean Birrell
  • William Byrd and the Pagets of Beaudesert: A Musical Connection - Christopher Harrison
  • Herbert Minton: Nineteenth Century Pottery manufacturer and Philanthropist - Pauline Booth
  • Man of the Turf: Tom Coulthwaite of Cannock Chase - John Godwin

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 2 (1989-90)

  • The small court of the Manor of Haywood in the reign of Elizabeth I - Pam Morris
  • 'Electioneering Folly': Thomas Fletcher and the Newcastle-under-Lyme Elections, 1790-93 - Ann Kettle
  • The Dairy Industry of North Staffordshire and Derbyshire, 1875-1900 - Roy Sturgess
  • North Staffordshire Names - Michael Paffard

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 1 (1988 Out of Print)

  • Samuel Johnson's Staffordshire (13th Earl Lecture) - Donald Greene
  • North Staffordshire regiments in the First World War:
    • Part 1: The Military Experience of Horace Barks, 1914-1918 - Michael Occleshaw
    • Part 2: Reminiscences of RSM C. Hazlehurst, North Staffords
  • The Great Fauld Explosion - Trevor Jones
  • Manuscripts in Keele University Library - Christine Fyfe
  • North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies: Index to Volumes 1-22 - Martin Phillips

Staffordshire Heritage Series

  • Water Mills of the Borough of Newcastle £3.00 (was £3.95), Edited by George Riley  - OUT OF STOCK
  • Agents of Revolution £3.00 (was £9.00) - OUT OF STOCK
  • John and Thomas Gilbert the 'canal pioneers', Peter Lead
  • The Miners of Staffordshire 1840-1914 £2.00 (was £4.95), Edited by John Benson - OUT OF STOCK
  • Churchill China £19.50
  • Great British Potters since 1795, Rodney Hampson

Other Publications:-

Staffordshire Histories

  • Essays in Honour of Michael Greenslade, Philip Morgan & ADM Phillips £15.00
  • Factory in a Garden "Wedgwood" £2.00, Sharon Gater & David Vincent
  • Women, Men & Politics in the English Civil War £2.50, Ann Hughes